Episode 1 – Welcome to the KERF Podcast – 4 min

Welcome to the KERF Podcast. If you love to build things, learn about new ideas and hear the stories of projects, people and products around building things from weekend projects to entire home builds you will love the KERF Podcast. Welcome!


Welcome to the KERF podcast!

What is KERF and how can it help you?

KERF is a community of people of all ages who love to build. Primarily KERF is going to focus on home building and property development from a DIY perspective so you’ll see that steams, articles, events, podcasts and webinars are primarily designed around what we’re calling the “I can do that” builder. We will also be featuring projects. These range from full cabinet builds, wood fired hot tubs, timber framing projects, woodworking projects and more.

While the content is primarily focused on the DIY builder we welcome professionals who want to follow along and be involved! Some of the projects we work on will be a dream for a tradesman because often they’re limited to what the customer wants and never really get to tackle things on their wish list.

Why does the internet need one more podcast on construction? This is where KERF will stand out. Our focus isn’t just to rehash more ways to build a stick framed wall or another way to mud and tape sheetrock. Our goal is to focus on the why behind building. Teaching how home building, aside from winning the lottery, is one the few powerful ways to achieve the dream of being debt free.

You will find that a lot of KERF content revolves around strategy and less about tactics. Although we’ll discuss tactics along the way because we don’t just want to share ideas, but teach how to take action on those ideas. Something we feel is sorely missing from the flood of content pouring into Youtube and other social media channels.

One of the cornerstones of KERF is the build stories where we will be documenting entire property development and home building stories including ground up builds and remodels. We have some really fun ideas for projects in the future so stay tuned for some revolutionary ideas that we are working on.

If you’re looking for some fun projects we’re going to be documenting those also. Where it makes sense we’ll share plans for those projects so you can build them or use them to make your own version.

In the learn area we’re going to be bringing all of the content we have and will create into a logically organized area where you can really hone in on a topic or subject matter to learn. This include streams, podcasts, articles, webinars, events and contributors.

We want this podcast to be easy to digest and listen to on the go whether you’re on a material or supply run or on the job site and wanting to get more for your time. We’ll try to deliver a lot with each episode.

Events will give you a chance to get off the internet and put in to practice all the things you are learning with a community of like minded people. The goal is to convert knowledge into practice. As you’ll see some of these events will be geared around future projects we are working on which have a bigger purpose than just giving the world more useless knowledge they’ll never do anything with.

The vision of KERF is give you digestible information you need to take action. We aren’t going to just focus on how things get built, although that is as important as anything, but we want to discuss the planning and strategy behind it including planning, finances, relationships and building techniques.

KERF is people helping people, instead of helping algorithms. We want to know how KERF can you help! If you’ve listened this far take a moment and visit our contact page and shoot us a message.

What are you working on and what we can do to help?? Whether it’s a question you have about building with a spouse, financial strategy or a project you’re working on and looking for guidance.

Thanks for joining us on KERF!

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