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What is KERF?

The KERF community represents broadly the “informed builder” and the “dedicated DIYer”. These profiles are men and women who are interested in building their home, investment and income properties. They’re active in weekend projects, fix and flip and full property development and house builds. What matters to them are ideas, inspiration, education and action. KERF offers 5 things to our community. Entertainment, inspiration, education, podcast and events.

Who benefits from KERF?

Professional builders, architects, engineers, fix and flippers, remodelers and “dedicated DIYers” are all at home with KERF because of the diversity of projects, knowledge, products, techniques and knowledge shared.

Benefits of KERF

  • Learn new things
  • Discovering new products
  • Explore new techniques
  • Enjoy stories building big things and small things
  • Perspectives of owner builders and professionals alike
  • Fire the passion for building science
  • Tackle weekend projects to entire property development
  • Discover cutting edge building products and techniques
  • Discover creative construction projects and methods

How is KERF structured?


KERF starts with building stories and long form video content available through our free streaming videos. They cover many aspects of actual builds by contributors so you can see products, techniques and a variety of skill levels in practice. 


For inspiration we help you look for THAT idea or design that really speaks to your taste and skills through image discovery. 


We’re building an education library to help you plan better or dive into whatever aspect or project with confidence


Listen, learn and enjoy hearing builders share their experiences, companies discuss new products and learn the realities of taking on big projects from the men and women who are involved. A great way to discover new ideas, find better ways to work or inspiration for your next project. 


We’re creating opportunities to translate knowledge into skill with real world projects. In person events will help you gain experience and build lasting memories. Often our heads are so full of information that we aren’t sure where to begin, but putting into practice the ideas, products and methods you’ve been learning will help create the tactile connection and confidence needed to build bigger and better things.

Calculators and Budgeting Tools

Curating and building the best calculators to help you build better. We’re also curating and building tools to help you tackle budgeting and planning.


Before you pick up a tool you have to get dressed. Workwear is a huge part of any builder or doers day and we’re working to bring comfortable, durable workwear that will help you build better.

What about Pure Living for Life?

We will continue to document our personal journey towards a debt free, self sufficient lifestyle on Pure Living for Life in a way that fits our family needs.

KERF allows us to go more in-depth on various subjects and introduce more contributors providing a more diverse content around the topic of construction and building.

If you enjoyed the construction and property development specific projects we have done on Pure Living for Life you will love KERF!

How do I join the KERF community?

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KERF TV is a place to unwind and enjoy some building stories! This channel is a family friendly channel featuring building projects of all kinds, people and their building stories. You might find a hot tub project on here or even an entire house or cabin build. Maybe a kitchen remodel or a treehouse. Careful, these videos are spouse friendly and people have been known to get an idea or two from these videos!

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KERF How To dives into the nitty gritty. Tips, tricks, techniques and processes. How To videos are great when you’re trying to solve THAT problem and need to get to the point. Tell me (or show me) how to do it and move on! Brief and to the point. That’s KERF How To.

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KERF Timber Framing is dedicated to the beauty that is classic and modern post and beam type construction. If big timbers get you excited you’ll love this channel. We’ll have tool talk, design chats and feature projects all around building Timber Frames!

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KERF Sawmiling & Chainsaw deserves it’s own channel. Projects, buying decisions, setup and operation tips and tricks. It’s all about sawmills. If you love making sawdust from logs, you’ll love KERF Sawmilling.

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KERF Tools is a fun place to explore fun, exciting, weird and new tools. We’ll also share tools you should avoid! If you’re a tool nut, you’ll love KERF Tools!


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