2017-05-01 estate-sale-updated.mp4

2017-05-01 estate-sale-updated.mp4

Estate Sale: Quality Home Building Tools On A Budget


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Another one of those ‘too good to be true’ experiences on our journey was stumbling into a gentleman when buying a used concrete mixer. As it turns out he had already lived our exact dream life about 50 years ahead of us! In his twilight years he was downsizing to be closer to his children. Along the way he had accumulated every power tool, hand tool and wood shop appliance you can imagine. We ended up with wrenches, drills, planers, biscuit joiners, cabinet jigs, door jigs, saws, nailers, nails, a Shop Smith with every attachment you can think of and so much more. This whole thing seemed meant to be.

Who knew tool buying could be so emotional? It’s not the tools. It’s the debt free dream they represent and the memories, hopes and stories they can tell. Enjoy!

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