Circular Saw Rip Fence – How To Build DIY for Under $5

Own a circular saw and want to extend the capabilities? You need a circular saw rip fence! Whether buy one, or build one, they are an amazing tool that helps you make straight cuts with a circular saw. In fact it also helps you make consistent cuts as it can be as a template to … Read more

Best Waterproof Work Boots for Mud and Muck [Men and Women]

Best Waterproof Workboots for Mud & Muck

Life on the construction site or outdoors is hard work, especially on those rainy days. Whether you’re moving equipment, building or just running errands, you need waterproof boots that will keep your feet dry and warm. A good pair of waterproof work boots can make all the difference, allowing you to work outside comfortably, rain … Read more

How to Mill Your Own Lumber With an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

KERF - Featured Image - Article - How To Mill Lumber Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

In the days of lumber price instability and even shortages, many find themselves asking “How can I mill my own lumber?” This is a very good question and it can make a lot of sense. It not only makes sense for some but it’s also very doable. While those that wish to produce lumber in … Read more

How to Drill Concrete: A Step by Step Guide

KERF - Featured Image - Article - How To Drill Concrete

Construction projects are endlessly rewarding until you come across a problem that you can’t quickly solve. Struggling to understand how to drill concrete can be one of those situations. While concrete is a versatile material with a sought-after industrial aesthetic, its durability can quickly become too much of a good thing if you can’t make it behave. … Read more

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