DIY Chainsaw Mill vs Professional Chainsaw Mill

Whether you have timber of your own or have access to timber, milling it into lumber can be practical, affordable, fun and fulfilling. There is a growing number of methods to mill your own lumber, beams, cants and posts. One method that is becoming more mainstream is the Alaskan chainsaw mill. The Alaskan chainsaw mill has been around … Read more

DIY Hot Tub Project (Wood Fired, Cedar)

DIY Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub Build

DIY Hot Tub Project (Wood Fired, Cedar) What if you could build your very own hot tub with locally or store-bought cedar? What if using fairly basic tools you could build your own hot tub that could rival a commercial wood fired cedar hot tub but that doesn’t cost you $6,000+? This project set out … Read more

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