Slab Vapor Barrier, Insulation, Radiant Heat


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Rough plumbing and sub-slab grade is final so now we’re installing a double 6 mil plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier and capillary break between the slab and earth. Then high compression EPS 2″ sheet foam is being installed a thermal break and to increase the efficiency of the structure once again. This completes the insulation of the entire foundation as a big foam box. A rebar mat is installed giving a framework for installing the PEX hydronic tubing which will be used for radiant heat. Over 1200 feet (quarter mile) of tubing is installed to create 5 zones, or loops, which will make their way to the manifold installed where the mechanical room will be. And all final checks are done to be sure we are ready for the pour.

This short series gets us ready for the slab pour which is coming up fast!

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