Radiant Hydronic Subfloor Installation


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We are super excited to have received our subflooring panels! This isn’t your typical underlayment. It’s a custom radiant hydronic underlayment product that has an aluminum overlay. We’ll be catching up on the installation layout as each panel has to follow the provided design to ensure the panels create the proper zones for our radiant floor heating system in the living area. Getting started is a little slow because it’s yet another new system and materials, but the instructions are clear and we are loving the panels as they go down.

Radiant hydronic heat is one more technology we’re using to build our dream home to increase comfort, increase efficiency and increase the value of our home. This system is using and is custom designed to fit our home exactly by the manufacturer. Follow along as we open up the instructions and get work on the radiant floor heat panel installation.

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Radiant Hydronic Subfloor Installation


Radiant Hydronic Subfloor Installation
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