[SERIES] Interior Plumbing - Water Heaters & Boilers

[SERIES] Interior Plumbing - Water Heaters & Boilers

Interior Plumbing – Water Heaters & Boilers


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Mechanical room work has begun and this series will focus on the design, installation and commissioning of the electric tankless water heater, natural gas combination boiler, electric tanked water heater, side arm heat exchanger and other hot water and domestic hot water systems built into the Debt Free Dream Home systems.

In this series you’ll learn about the entire system layout starting with the incoming cold water source that will then be used to feed a redundant hot water system that will provide hot water in the event of a utility outage on either the natural gas or electric side. We’ll discuss the system layout including materials chosen, layout and installation including isolation valves, tubing, bend supports, shut offs and natural gas setup.

As the system is built out we’ll cover the integration with a wood fired exterior boiler and how this provides a passive redundant hot water to the entire system during the heating season.

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