Concrete Slab Pour & Beam Pocket


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It’s the big day! We’ve been racing the clock on the entire build and here comes concrete. Ready or not! Today an army of amazing people showed up with the concrete pump and concrete trucks on their way for slab pour! It’s an exciting and scary day! Our very first finished surface is happening with some really experienced hands making the project go smoothly. Our third time with the concrete pump guys the pump starts a little scary as the rebar mat is getting it’s world rocked with all the feet. We have the radiant tubing under pressure during the pour, but do you really want to know if it leaks? What are you going to do if it does? Not fun!

Mud is down and the flatwork begins! Screed, floating and troweling bring the slab into beautiful form. We did have a shortage of mud somehow and had to wait for a small round-trip truck to finish the pour which worked out. We even took time to get the hand prints of all the amazing people who helped. A tiny slab was formed up near our fire and water hydrants. A tribute to the helping hands!

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