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This page is dedicated to documenting KERF projects often smaller in scope than an entire home build or property development! Get to know in more detail specifics behind each project, plans, tools, materials and interesting details. You’ll find on each project page the products and services used, partners supporting the project, webinars, podcasts, events related to the project. Check back here often for updates on each project and new projects!

This DIY Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub Project was a really fun project to make living off grid a little more comfortable. Follow along as we get materials, create the canoe joinery and build a beautiful tub heated with wood!

3.5 years living off grid had many lessons and discoveries. We started with a small set of portable panels and ended up with a pretty robust 12 volt solar setup. Follow along as we build the system and live with off grid power including a generator and solar array.

If you have rocky soil and you want to reuse it for backfilling or other projects you need a rock filter or rock separator! We built not one, but three! Follow along on these projects to see what we learned with each version.

A 2200 gallon off-grid gravity fed water system with fire suppression and remote monitoring. This project provides domestic water to the property and can operate with no electricity.

This deck was built with wind fall and lumber main on property with a two kinds of chainsaw mills and reclaimed bridge beams. It’s a simple post and pier foundation with 2×6 framing and slab decking.

A stepping stone to the Debt Free Dream Home project this small timber framing project provided an enclosure for a small battery bank used for the small solar system that powered the RV and cabin during home construction.

With many high reach tasks on a 45′ tall home build the addition of a telehandler off road forklift was a huge upgrade. To maximize the forklift’s versatility a large work platform with removable railings was designed and built from scratch using steel and freshly sawmilled planks.

To ensure a tight building envelope on the Debt Free Dream Home build the timber frame does not break the envelope. To provide support for the roof overhang (unnecessary) and balance the overall look of the home timber brackets were built for an exterior detail.

If you own a circular saw you can extend the capabilities with this handy little tool called a rip fence. Most all circular saws have a slot in the table which allows adding a rip fence to make quick, easy and consistent cuts. In this tutorial we show you how we build a rip fence for under $5.

Have a project you’d like to showcase?

KERF is looking for interesting build projects to showcase! If you’ve got a really interesting, unique or well documented project to share get in touch! Thank you!

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