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Low Mass Hydronic Radiant Subflooring & Boiler Systems

Warmboard offers a revolutionary solution to creating warm floors and comfortable living spaces with an aluminum clad underlayment product for new construction and their retrofit panel for remodel and renovation projects.

Meet the Team

Ross M. – Marketing Manager

I really love helping people through their journey to warm floors. The Warmboard team and products make it simple and we love hearing the happiness on our customers voices when they experience their first warm floors.

Warmboard Creative Director Ross McCord

Featured Products

Warmboard S

Warmboard S is a 1 1/8″ underlayment product with an embossed aluminum skin which moderates the heat provided through hydronic tubing. The system has 4 panel designs which when used with custom routing can create any floor heating layout needed. Warmboard provides you, or your builder, with a full floor panel design, custom routing kit and optimal zone layouts to ensure even heating and proper system function.

Warmboard R

Warmboard R is a fully faced panel which is designed for renovations and allows for very flexible flooring designs. A two panel system allows for any flooring system to be designed and fits over traditional subflooring materials like concrete or wood underlayment.

Warmboard Comfort System

An end-to-end floor heating system that provides you panels, tubing, manifolds, controls, thermostats, boiler and/or heat pump to make for a nearly “plug and play” setup. Purchase, installation and setup are streamlined including digital thermostats with 1 degree accuracy.


Jesse S.

Warmboard was such a surprise to both find and work with. Not just the product but the company and the support team. They just know their product so well and handle it like experts. The product, the plan, the design, the install just makes sense and they were excellent to work with all along the way. VERY happy with our decision to choose Warmboard.

Alyssa C.

Super excited to not only have warm floors but to have zone control in the rooms where it matters. A cool bedroom and a warm bathroom. Amazing and really love having a comfortable home. We used Warmboard in our dream home and wouldn’t settle for anything but the very best and we feel that’s what Warmboard has provided.


Radiant Hydronic Subfloor Installation
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