Smart Water – Partner Spotlight

Premium Wireless Water Tank Monitor Solution

Smart Water offers an all-in-one, rugged, waterproof, wireless tank monitoring solution that is precise, reliable and versatile.

The system is capable of controlling pumps, multiple monitors and long range. A wired sensor can be used on any tank which measures water whether the tank is round, square, above ground, below ground etc. Installation is simple and setup is easy and intuitive.

A wall or free standing display offers a beautiful interface to visually monitor your tank(s). The new SW900 system now includes cloud connectivity, history tracking, leak detection and alarms all from the display or the app on your mobile device.

If you have a water tank and want peace of mind you will love Smart Water’s wireless water tank monitoring system!

Smart Water Wireless Water Tank Monitors

Smart Water Wireless Water Tank Monitors

Meet the Team

Ken Child – General Manager

Ken has a passion for helping people solve seemingly simple problems through purposeful and reliable technology. He loves hearing success stories as he knows water management is a critical part of life and making this easier for others gives him great pride.

Michelle Garrow – Customer Service

Michelle loves helping customers whether it’s in product selection for their application or getting kinks worked out an installation so that the system is delivering on their promise of a simple, reliable water monitoring solution.

Featured Products

Smart Water SW900 Starter Pack

A complete starter pack to get you up and running with the Wall Mount WiFi LCD Keypad version of the Smart Water system. Featuring full mobile connectivity via our free Smart Water app and also the convenience of a stylish wall mounting WiFi LCD makes this the perfect tank monitoring solution. Intuitive design makes the starter pack a simple DIY installation aided by our detailed guides and support material.

This kit includes a wall mount WiFi LCD keypad, solar powered tank sender, 4M (13ft) pressure sensor, antenna, power supplies and mounting accessories.

Smart Water iOS & Andriod app monitoring

Moving monitoring into the cloud the Smart Water iOS and Androids apps make your tank level data at your fingertips wherever you are.

Smart Water Pump Controller

The Smart Water Wireless Pump Controller is an essential component in the system if you want to remotely control water pumps. This can be acheived with remarkable precision allowing the user to set start and stop levels for multiple pump controllers connected to the network. This innovative product has allowed for industry-wide efficiency gains across a variety of diverse applications and environments.


David Hallet

I just wanted to let you know that your Smart Water solution has been a game changer for my family. We knew that it would be useful, but with the drought over both winter and summer last year, it enabled us to manage our water volumes very effectively. It was the first time in eight years that we didn’t need to order in a tanker or two of additional water.

Charlie Clark

I have been a customer of Smart Water for 5 years and in this time I have been most impressed with their product / customer service. I live in a rural location and rely on this technology, should I require the Smart Water team we can always get hold of them, on the very rare occasion this has extended over the weekend. Smart Water is a very professional company to deal with, they fully understand the importance of true customer service. I have always recommended Smart Water Systems in the past and will continue to do so.


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