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Sketchup is simple and intuitive design software that puts the power of intuitive 2D and 3D design and visualization in the fingertips of everyone. Design and collaborate in the cloud, on mobile devices or offline. Whether you’re planning a complex construction project or just working on a simple woodworking project and want to visualize ideas SketchUp is both simple and powerful.

Helping architects, contractors, developers and interior designers create complex visualizations that can be used for cost estimation, client meetings and drawing generation SketchUp has both the power and the support team to help bring large projects to life.

Through simple commands that are easily learned and implemented SketchUp Free allows everyone to benefit from the powerful design capabilities and visualize, proof of concept and iterate projects quickly on the web, mobile and offline.

SketchUp Partner Spotlight Video

SketchUp Partner Spotlight Video

Meet the Team

Aaron Dietzen – Product Content Manager

Aaron has years of experience using SketchUp and loves sharing everything he knows! You likely recognize him if you’ve ever watched a single SketchUp tutorial video. He also helps drive new ideas through the SketchUp Talk podcast interviewing everyone from architects to interior designs, landscape architects to customer home builders and creators and DIY’ers. He also writes for the SketchUp blog, attends events and shows all over the world bringing you everything new, interesting and helpful about SketchUp!

Jenny Troy – Account Manager

Jenny loves working with clients big and small to find the right solution to fit their in-house design needs. She has years of experience working with businesses and knows that relationships and support are vital to everyones success. She loves SketchUp and really enjoys hearing the her clients rave about how SketchUp changes their processes, improves their workflows and enhances their businesses

Featured Products

SketchUp Go

Access to the full power of SketchUp web AND SketchUp iPad so you can design on the go and have your work at your fingertips. Includes access to the entire SketchUp warehouse of 3D components and unlimited cloud storage through Trimble Connect.

Sketchup Pro

Enhance drawing through the SketchUp Desktop application in addition to SketchUp Web and iPad. More features including Layout for 2D documentation, Extention warehouse which saves tons of time and expands capabilities for all workflows. Show off your work with the XR headset integration for the most immersive client presentations possible.

SketchUp Free

Build, draw, design and sketch for free using SketchUp free on the web! Whether it’s a simple design or even an entire house this can be done for free using the web application which has access to all SketchUp drawing and modeling features. Limited access is available for the 3D Warehouse and Cloud storage is included up to 10GB for free!


Jonas Ryan

Even it’s free version has a WONDERFUL amount of features & I’m really pleased! it’s easy and quick to figure out so beginners can jump right in on their first day trying it without much trouble.

John Botes

Sketchup is the best easy to use drawing program I have found. Whenever I can I doodle my designs on sketchup. Hearing that you can now view and orbit on the tablet app for free is the best news yet! Thank you Sketchup Team!


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