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Insulated Concrete Forms, Footing Forms and Sheet Insulation

Now, advanced Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) from LiteForm, the world leader in ICF construction technology, gives you superior alternatives to build sustainable, environmentally conscious concrete structures.

LiteForm ICFs are versatile foam concrete forms that can be used in virtually all buildings, worldwide.


Meet the Team

Casey Koch, Sales Manager

With a passion for advanced building technologies and using ICF products to build better building Casey has been connecting projects to Liteform’s array of foam insulating concrete forms. He enjoys helping specifiers, architects and engineers find a solution that helps them build better, faster, more economically and stronger structures for their projects.

Lite Form Sales Manager Casey K

Featured Products

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete forms are revolutionizing the way formed concrete walls are being built. From residential frost walls and foundations to large multi-story commercial structures. Lightweight, strong and infinitely flexible in design abilities there is a block to do everything including brick ledge, inside and outside corner, T blocks and more.

Frost Protected Footing Forms

Build better, and stronger, footings faster that are instantly frost protected with a form designed for common footing sizes. No need to do post poured insulation. Set the forms, pour and you’re done!

Tilt Deck Concrete Forms

Tilt up walls have changed the way structures are built on side and have allowed concrete to build new and different structures. Now these wall structures can be built even better with insulated tilt up forms that are stronger, lighter and more economical.

Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete

If insulated concrete forms have distrupted the way concrete walls and foundations are being built then fiberglass reinforced concrete is sure to send shockwaves through the industry. Stronger, lighter and more durable than steel reinforcements fiberglass reinforcements will change the way you place concrete forever.


Frank F.

The rigid foam board insulation keeps the frost away from the concrete and keeps it from lifting the concrete. Even with this cold weather it hasn’t moved a bit!

Jesse S.

When looking to build our high efficiency off grid home using principles of building science we began looking for an ICF block to build the walkout basement portion of our three story timber frame home. Liteform had all the features we wanted and the support sealed the deal for us. We love our basement and we REALLY enjoyed working with the block! Choosing a block is a big decision and we feel we made the right choice.

Video Series – Building with Insulated Concrete Forms

Video 1

Building with ICF Technologies


4 Videos

Enjoy some technical content that demonstrates how to use ICF technologies and best practices including setting the first course of block, using intersections for T blocks, offsetting corners and how to use the wall alignment inserts for a straight and true wall.


Sill Plate Installation
Concrete Slab Pour and Beam Pocket
Slab Vapor Barriet, Insulation and Radiant Tubing Installation



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