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The Internet is Changing The Way Things Get Built & Who Builds Them

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A Building Revolution Is Underway

The internet is changing the way things get built and who builds them. There is a revolution of “I can do that” builders benefiting from the transparency in the building process and taking on larger and more complex projects. This includes those in industry as well as owner builders and dedicated DIYers. From remodels to fix and flips, from fixer uppers to entire property development. Today the journey of these builders is often fragmented. They get information from all over the place, are often overwhelmed and in spite of vastness of the internet end up confused. KERF is a clear road map to help “I can do that” builders find inspiration, get the education, discover brands and products to help them and workshops to put all that knowledge into practice and bring their project to life. We’re helping the “I can do that” builder, Build. Better.

People LOVE products and services that help them solve real problems and make their life better. KERF helps brands get discovered and start a conversation with their potential customers by telling stories, delivering education, demonstrations and sharing experiences. Through awareness, education and stories “I can do that” builders learn how products work, when to use them and form a win-win relationship with brands. KERF makes that discovery available through a highly targeted community of trend setters and go getters who make things happen, but demand more from the products they buy.

What makes KERF different?

Traditional advertising interrupts a users web experience, generates annoyance and a lose-lose situation for advertisers and web users. KERF works with brands to help them bring their products and services to our community in a way that benefits everyone resulting in a win-win between partners and visitors.

We all love products and services when they help us solve problems and build amazing things. How we discover them and how the information is presented makes ALL the difference between a positive brand association and a negative one. Our goal is “OMG where has this been my whole life? How did I not know about this?” instead of “What is this stupid ad doing obstructing what I was doing. It’s in my way.”

Whether you’re a start up looking to help people discover your product or service or you have a well established brand that wants to help potential customers understand your product or service better through education and demonstration, KERF is a great place to invest!

Who is the KERF community?

The KERF community represents broadly builders looking for unique ideas and avid DIYers with a strong set of skills. Together they make up the “I can do that” builder.. These men and women are interested in building their home, investment or income properties or a remodel/renovation project. They’re active in weekend projects, fix and flip and full property development and house builds. What matters to them are stories, ideas, inspiration, education and action. KERF offers 8 things to our community. Build stories, entertainment, inspiration, webinars, education, podcast and events and My Pro support.


Our visitors unwind after a hard day, or week, and enjoy the stories of others building their dreams, brand and product stories and original productions. These story driven videos are easy to watch and help others enjoy the satisfaction we all feel from building amazing things and hearing the story.

Build Stories

See building projects come to life! Learn about the vision, people involved and products used. A wonderful place to get inspired, discover ideas and see real people realizing their dreams. Build stories is where we will be documenting projects, posting updates, gathering resources about a specific build in a single location and


Dedicated to documenting KERF projects often smaller in scope than an entire home build or property development! Get to know in more detail specifics behind each project, plans, tools, materials and interesting details. You’ll find on each project page the products and services used, partners supporting the project, webinars, podcasts, events related to the project.


Perhaps the most powerful offering to KERF visitors is our educational resources from tutorials, project plans, articles, informative videos, eCourses, webinars and eWorkshops the KERF visitor has access to highly relevant information that helps them with their unique needs in formats that resonate with them.


Designed for our ‘on-the-go’ community the KERF podcast helps surface ideas, experiences and stories we can all benefit from. It helps share stories, explore deeper questions that we all have and helps us get inside some of the best minds of the most experienced and knowledgable people out there. Listeners benefit from hearings perspectives from everyone involved or affected by a build from the earliest stages of planning through the last piece of trim. Helping listeners learn and better understand products and services in a very approachable format helps everyone!


There is no deeper connection to building than putting into practice the things we learn. Events offer a tangible place to build relationships with like minded people, to develop skills otherwise unattainable and to create deep, lasting, memories through actual building. Working with specific products and getting the “feel” for their proper use creates a strong familiarity and connection to these products or services when our visitors are ready to use them in their own projects.

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KERF is about adding value to all of our stakeholders. We are not a self service advertising platform interested in setting up ineffective lose-lose advertising campaigns. It’s our mission to understand and meet the unique marketing needs of each partner. Complete the brief survey below to schedule a 30 minute discovery call to help us learn about your product, service and business. We look forward to talking with you!

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