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Planning a project and want to look over your plans with a pro? Ready to start a new phase and want to review your plan with a pro to get the plan straight? In the middle of your build and up against a problem with a phase, inspection or a sub-contractor? Bring a builder to your design meetings to ensure those ideas are buildable and waste less time in the design phase or spot problems sooner. My Contractor puts you in touch with a pro who can offer insights, guidance, advice and support to help your project come together smoother, faster, cheaper and better. No need to end up with hours spent Googling or scrubbing Youtube videos on 2x looking for the answer to your question. Plug straight into decades of knowledge and experience to get back to work, resolve a build problem or work better with an inspector with an easy to schedule Facetime call or a Zoom meeting.

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Who is My Pro service for?

The truth for most people is that we may only build something once. Especially larger projects like a house. Unfortunately the consequences of a build gone sour or off track is something you’ll have to live with. Mistakes can get create unnecessary problems, get very expensive or even destroy an entire project. Not entirely unlike a heart surgery you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Maybe you have the desire and/or skills to tackle projects on our own or we are willing to put in the time to learn and stick with it. Whether for the cathartic enjoyment of the process or to reduce the investment it can be very helpful to have guidance to ensure a project is completed on schedule, on budget and as envisioned. Sadly many projects get off track, off schedule, off budget and even off plan with no way to recover. The end result is a build that goes south with no means to remedy. Even if you have a contractor lead project you ultimately have to live with the final outcome.

Are you thinking about hiring a contractor to build your home, but want an independent third party to help you keep your contractor honest? What if you contractor doesn’t support your ideas would an independent second opinion help?

Are you an owner builder who wants to manage your own project but would like to some guidance along the way to help the project flow smoothly, identify potential problems earlier so they can be addressed before its too late?

Are you thinking of a remodel and want to get input early in the project to catch oversights and ensure a successful plan going in? Then a person to consult with along the way to help keep things moving and solve problems as they arise?

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