Cabinets & Built Ins

Let’s be honest, cabinets are furniture! We’ve all seen (or lived with) those cabinets that just made life hard. Most have have one of two reactions when they think about cabinetry and built ins. Fear or excitement! They can get very sophisticated and require a lot of planning to get them right.

Sizing, drawer design, drawer depth, counter tops, drawer pulls, knobs, box material, door and box design, layout and configuration, toe kick design, paneling, shelving. Yea, it’s a big deal.

We’re bringing together on this page streams that feature cabinet and built in projects as well as resources to help you most the most from planning, designing, purchasing (or building) and installing cabinets!


Building DIY Custom Kitchenette Cabinets from Scratch


Articles covering how-to, comparisons, common mistakes and use cases


Webinars discussing products, techniques, mistakes and use cases for the myriad of foundation materials, products and processes

eCourses and eBooks

eLearning courses that help get you up to speed using the power of digital learning, available 24/7, on your schedule, anywhere in the world.


Podcasts sharing stories, experiences, products, expert interviews and common mistakes relating to foundations.


In Person events where you can learn or experience foundation building materials, products, techniques and projects.


Contributors to KERF who specialize or who have exceptional knowledge and experience in foundation design and construction


Recommended consultants to help guide you through planning, hiring, sub contracting and even on the job guidance during your project

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