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Building Science

There’s a big shift in thinking about homes and structures in the 21st century. More and more focus and emphasis is being put on topics like comfort, sustainability, durability and ownership cost. Experience has taught us many lessons about water mitigation through backside drying, comfort and lower energy demand through sound proofing, superior insulation techniques and paying closer attention to the details of building.

Planning & Design

The most important, and often most overlooked or under utilized, part of any project is the design & planning. Building doesn’t have to be a guessing game and unexpected problems can be kept to a minimum when proper time is committed to this stage. Starting here will put you on a path to realizing your vision with less headaches, less time and money wasted and a greater joy in the process!

Budget & Finance

Dreaming big is important, but so is being able to fund those dreams from small remodels up to a master planning property budgeting matters. If for no other reason than to know when you’re OVER budget! Here we’re putting together budgeting and funding resources to help make your next project a success!

Land and Property

It’s hard to say which comes first, the land or the home design. The best is when they are complimentary, but it’s more common that a person has a vision for a home and then they are looking for land where they can build that home. Here we’re tackling the subject of land and property!

Sawmilling & Chainsaw Mills

Few tools create the excitement and spark the imagination like a sawmill or chainsaw mill! There’s a lot to learn about these amazing machines including budgeting, model selection, setup and operation, projects you can do and tips & tricks to get the most out of the machine and the operator.

Sawmilling and Chainsaw Mills


Concrete, ICF (insulated concrete forms), Helical, Block, Post & Pier

Building an amazing foundation is the lifeblood of a construction project and proper materials, planning and techniques are necessary to ensure the foundation is able to do it’s job. This learn page is to help explore different foundation types, their

Water Proofing

Liquid applied, sheet membrane

A critical phase of any foundation is water management. Failure to give this one step proper attention can cause real headaches and problems later including seepage, water infiltration, heaving, mold and high humidity conditions. This learn page is dedicated to discussing things like liquid applied membranes, asphaltic sheet membranes, dimple fabrics and dimple fabrics.

Rough Framing

Wall, Sheathing, Subfloor

Most popular phase of home building is when the building begins taking shape as the frame goes up. Once out of the foundation phase sill plates are installed, rim joist and floor joists, underlayment, framed walls and trusses.

Rough Plumbing

This can including installation of a gas meter, gas piping and boiler piping. Confusing, but this may not be under HVAC.

KERF Learn Rough Plumbing

Cabinetry & Built Ins

Cabinets are built in furniture where inches and millimeters, finishes, hardware, configuration and layout make all the difference between amazing and failure, affordable or down right expensive! This page is dedicated to all things cabinets (this could be an entire website of it’s own!)

Cabinets & Built Ins

Build Documentation

Planning to build something amazing and want to document your build story? This page will help you learn tools, technique, tips and tricks for camera gear, thinking through each stage, ways to think about the camera during stressful moments and why documenting your build is a great idea.

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