Jesse Stafford – Contributor Spotlight

KERF Founder, Debt Free Dream Home Owner / Builder


Jesse’s passion lies in helping people build things that change lives. He isn’t partial to any building method but instead is passionate about the ‘why’ behind any building method. One of his goals is to take housing back from the banks and put it back in the hands of the average person. He wants to help people build generational wealth through building quality, comfortable, and durable structures that are a sound investment, serve their occupants and add value to their builders, not the banks.

Jesse is the founder and visionary behind KERF and is a partner of the Debt Free Dream Home where he and his wife documented their 36×36 timber frame / ICF / SIP house build and developed their rural property. Despite having a large YouTube channel he felt it wasn’t the place to develop a community for others who wish to learn how to build themselves, and so KERF was born.

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Jesse is passionate about inspiring others to take a leap through sharing stories. We all have dreams and telling stories helps us see the path others take and develop to courage to pursue our own dreams. Helping others discover what excites them and demonstrate through action how it’s possible through sacrifice, creativity and a lot of grit to build things that change your life.

Building Things

It’s empowering when you realize that one does not build a house. Instead you do some excavation, build some walls, do some windows and a few door projects, make some cabinets, run some wire and plumbing. Over time a house is the product. Jesse’s passion is breaking seemingly unapproachable and seemingly complex processes down to the essential components so that anyone can understand how they too can build.

Tools & Equipment

Jesse won’t fool anyone for being a craftsman, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a tool nut. He really enjoys time spent on the sawmill, in the excavator with his family or running around delivering rock to neighbors in the dump truck as a “family activity”.


✓ Sawmilling
✓ Timber Framing
✓ Woodworking
✓ SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

✓ Excavation
✓Radiant Heat
✓ Cabinet Buildling
✓ ICF Construction

✓Cold Roofs
✓ Budgeting & Cost Control
✓ Story Telling


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