Episode 2 – Being Connected To Your Build Story – 5 min

KERF - Podcast - Featured Image - Episode 2

Partners Maybe you know the feeling. Being in a building you didn’t build and standing there and thinking, I wonder who built this or how it was built? Maybe you’ve worked on a remodel project or even a smaller weekend project with a spouse and one of you did the heavy lifting for whatever reason. … Read more

Episode 1 – Welcome to the KERF Podcast – 4 min

KERF Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the KERF Podcast. If you love to build things, learn about new ideas and hear the stories of projects, people and products around building things from weekend projects to entire home builds you will love the KERF Podcast. Welcome! Partners Welcome to the KERF podcast! What is KERF and how can it help … Read more

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