[INSPIRATION] – Tiny Homes

Inspiration - Tiny Homes & Tiny Houses

A revolution in house has happened in the past decade that challenges the idea that home has a foundation. A contrarian movement that aligns with the idea of roots and all the creature comforts of a home but in a compact space that’s ultimately portable. Tiny homes, or tiny houses, challenge many stereotypes that small … Read more

[INSPIRATION] – Log Cabins

KERF - Inspiration - Featured Image - Log Cabins

Log cabins have some earthly quality that grounds us all and inspires the feeling of a solid home, natural materials and a rustic feel that is unmatched. What’s possible with logs is simply astounded from simple D-log style kits up to full custom log homes and everything in between. This feed will help you narrow … Read more

[Inspiration] – Timber Framing

KERF - Inspiration - Featured Image - Timber Framing

There’s something awe inspiring about the use of large timbers, wood or steel joinery that mesmerizes the eye. It incites the imagination about how a few small beams and posts can create a structure that isn’t just strong and durable, but creates wonder for all who behold it’s majesty. If you love timber framing you’ve … Read more

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