Build Stories

Every build has a story and here we’ll be documenting build stories for you to enjoy. Get to know in more detail specifics behind each build including the why, building features, and interesting facts. On each build story page you’ll find products and services used, partners supporting the project, webinars, podcasts, events related to the build and even a drill down into the different build phases. Check back here often for updates on each build.

A 36×36 ICF, timber frame, SIP home built by a young couple who decided to leave the city to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle while becoming debt free. This home build has been documented from the arrival to the property and is ongoing with over 300 hours of video sharing every step in detail. The story is timeless and the build story is a blast. Enjoy!

We have a couple exciting KERF project ideas in the works and also are open to sharing or documenting other builds. Stay tuned!

Have a build you want documented?

KERF is currently screening interest for documenting the build projects of others. This requires substantial planning and coordination. If interested please submit a request form below. Thank you!

Want to document your own build story?

Visit the Learn / Build Documentation page for resources on documenting your own build project.

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