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KERF is a community of builders that represent the spectrum of experience from trade masters to dedicated DIYers with time in the trenches whose resume is their experiences. Diversity makes KERF unique. It’s not a club of book experts, keyboard warriors or a fraternity of unrelatable experts. The mixed perspectives make the information practical, approachable and actionable. Here you’ll find entertainment, inspiration, education, a rich podcast and building events that help you build better. Take a look around and if you want to keep in touch be sure to join the KERF newsletter. Click the button below or there’s always a link in the menu above. Welcome!

Newest Streams

Relax and chill! 300+ hours of free streamable videos! Discover new building ideas, see projects in progress and hang out with fellow doers! Choose a video or timelapse for a quick watch or select a series or playlist for a binge session!

Timber Loft Stairs Project
Radiant Hydronic Subfloor Installation

Build Stories

Every build has a story and here we’ll be documenting build stories for you to enjoy. Get to know in more detail specifics behind each build, the why, building features and interesting facts.

Debt Free Dream House Phase Four
Debt Free Dream Home Build Phase Three
Debt Free Dream Home Phase 2


KERF offers a lot of fun, interesting and challenging projects! Learn more about the plans, project status, tools and products used in each project! You’ll find wood working, welding, sawmilling and more in the KERF projects page!

DIY Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub Build


Perhaps the most powerful offering to KERF visitors is our educational resources from tutorials, project plans, articles, informative videos, eCourses, webinars and eWorkshops the KERF visitor has access to highly relevant information that helps them with their unique needs in formats that resonate with them.


Designed for our ‘on-the-go’ community the KERF podcast helps surface ideas, experiences and stories we can all benefit from. It helps share stories, explore deeper questions that we all have and helps us get inside some of the best minds of the most experienced and knowledgable people out there. Listeners benefit from hearings perspectives from everyone involved or affected by a build from the earliest stages of planning through the last piece of trim. Helping listeners learn and better understand products and services in a very approachable format helps everyone!

KERF - Podcast - Featured Image - Episode 2
KERF Podcast Episode 1


There is no deeper connection to building than putting into practice the things we learn. Events offer a tangible place to build relationships with like minded people, to develop skills otherwise unattainable and to create deep, lasting, memories through actual building. Working with specific products and getting the “feel” for their proper use creates a strong familiarity and connection to these products or services when our visitors are ready to use them in their own projects.

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Do you offer a product or service that would be a good fit for the KERF community? We would love to hear from you and discuss the value of investing in a partnership with KERF!

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Need content for your news article (HARO), podcast, newsletter, blog or YouTube channel? KERF would love to help you share our message about high efficiency construction, owner builder projects, debt free construction, timberframing, sawmilling, ICF construction and building as a couple! If any of those sound like a good fit get with us to see how we can help!

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